eFootball 24 , Whats new ?

Major Gameplay Changes:

  • "Team Playstyle Level" removed as a gameplay element, affecting "Team Playstyle Proficiency" and player abilities.
  • No more alterations to player images at max level.
  • Foil Player Cards from the Standard Player List are discontinued.
  • Challenge Events are now called "Themed Events" with the introduction of "Loan Players" for easier participation.
  • "Base Team Settings" are relocated to the Game Plan section, allowing for individual setups per Game Plan.

Dribbling Enhancements:

  • Dribbling speed slightly increased to balance against defending.
  • Fixed an issue where dribbling players would go out of bounds or lose possession to opponents during a sliding tackle.

Feints Improvement:

  • Enhanced response for body feints, Scissors Feints, Overtakes, Flip Flaps, and In & Outs.

Ball Control and Traps:

  • Improved ball control and dribbling response after ball touches.
  • Players now exhibit better awareness of the goal direction during ball touches.
  • Automatic ball control towards the goal direction if no directional input is given.
  • Addressed the issue of the ball rolling over the player's body when trying to control it mid-air.

Passing Enhancements:

  • Adjustments for passes, allowing players to choose more suitable teammates as targets.
  • Improved through balls to be played to more appropriate positions.

Shooting Adjustments:

  • Players with high "Kicking Power" stats have slightly higher shooting speed.
  • Quick shot motion for close-range First-time Shots, reducing wide foot swings.
  • Fixed low trajectory issue with Chip Shots.
  • Improved header motion for receiving Chipped Through Balls and mid-air balls from behind.

Kicking Improvements:

  • Reduced the frequency of extra touches after a kick input.
  • More natural kick motions to minimize unnatural body positions during shots.
  • Slightly reduced kick speed for kicks following a "Knock-on" input.

Kicking Motion Improvements:

  • Fixed the issue where incorrect kicking motions occurred when the ball was far from the player's feet, resulting in poor response.
  • Special kicking motions are now triggered based on raw Player Stats values rather than other factors like Condition.
  • Addressed the problem of players sometimes scoring own goals in unnatural body positions when attempting to clear the ball.

Defensive Enhancements:

  • Adjusted player positioning to make it easier to regain possession when applying pressure.
  • Match-up player positioning adjustments.
  • Fixed slow recovery after blocking.
  • Improved situational judgment to avoid unreasonable blocks.
  • Blocks and ball behavior now correlate with "Defensive Awareness" Player Stat and "Blocker" and "Interceptor" Player Skills. Ball recovery ease after a block correlates with "Tackling" Player Stat and "Blocker" Player Skill.

Goalkeeper Improvements:

  • Goalkeepers now make better decisions to catch oncoming balls instead of always punching them away.
  • Fixed instances where goalkeepers did not take action after coming off their line.
  • Addressed issues where goalkeepers missed back passes resulting in own goals.
  • Improved punt kick trajectory accuracy.

AI Adjustments:

  • Adjusted supporting player positioning in relation to the ball holder to facilitate smoother passing plays in attack.
  • Fixed issues with player timing when trying to make runs behind the defensive line.
  • Ensured that full backs no longer make overlapping runs outside the touchline.
  • Improved player behavior during counter attacks to prevent untimely stops.
  • Enhanced the movement of players with the "Roaming Flank" Playing Style when positioned near the ball, making it easier for them to move into the flank.

Playing Styles:

  • "Fox in the Box" players no longer receive the ball with their backs to defenders; "Target Man" players do.
  • "Fox in the Box" players make more runs behind the defensive line.
  • "Goal Poacher" players make more runs behind the defensive line in "Possession Game."
  • Easier for teammates to receive passes in the final third with "Out Wide" Team Playstyle.
  • Centre forwards make more runs behind the defensive line in "Out Wide."

Passing and Positioning:

  • Improved teammate positioning during throw-ins.
  • Players in offside positions quickly get back onside.
  • Players dodge away from teammates during shots.
  • Players maintain better distances during man-marking.
  • Adjustments to man-marking movement after kick-off.
  • Full backs maintain man-marking duties instead of moving centrally.
  • Improved player speed when expecting Chipped Through Balls.

Substitutions and AI Behavior:

  • Increased AI-controlled team substitutions.
  • AI behavior in VS AI matches is aligned with individual characteristics.
  • Difficulty balance adjusted for different Match Levels.

Foul Decisions:

  • Adjusted foul decisions for fairer calls.
  • Avoid calling offside fouls when defending players are likely to retain possession.


  • Position Shift commands are now available during free kicks after changing the camera angle.
  • Fixed the issue where changing the camera angle during goal kicks led to unintended Low Through Balls instead of Chipped Through Balls.
  • Adjustments prevent unintentional sliding tackles when the ball is too high or too far.

Other Gameplay Enhancements:

  • Improved cursor switching to appropriate players in defensive situations.
  • Stamina consumption adjusted, addressing midfielders running out of Stamina in the second half.
  • Fixed match timing issues, ensuring matches end at the appropriate time.
  • Form now affects player Conditions; "Normal" or "Inconsistent" Form impacts Condition less. "Inconsistent" Form players with "B" or higher Live Update Rating now have "Normal" or better Condition.
  • Added new animations for shooting, blocking, tackling, and more.

Global Improvements:

  • Reduced the application size.
  • Adjusted stadium announcement acoustics.
  • Enhanced picture quality for the "High" Graphics option.
  • Various minor adjustments across modes and matches aimed at improving the overall gaming experience.